5 Reasons to Target Long Tail Keywords

Nowadays, the best way, used by SEO professionals to get to the Top of Google, is to target long tail keywords because they are much less competitive, more profitable and less risky. And plus they can bring you the same or even bigger number of visitors as a short keyword if you invest in these long tail keywords the same amount of money.

To put it simply, you’ve got 2 options:

OPTION I. You can target some very competitive short keywords that require, for example, 1000 backlinks to outrank your competition. And you’ll be getting, say, 10,000 of visitors from this keyword per day when you’re #1 on Google for it.


OPTION II. Or you can target some low competitive long tail keywords. For example, you’ll target keywords that require 5 backlinks each for you to be #1 on Google for each of them. By acquiring the same 1,000 of backlinks for these keywords, you’ll be #1 on Google for 200 keywords (1000 / 5 = 200). Usually, these 200 keywords will bring you even bigger number of visitors from Google than that 1 short keyword. But even if these 200 keywords bring you the same traffic, this option is still much better because of the following reasons:

  1. You’ve got a lot of competitors, and everyone wants to get high rankings for that short keyword (because it is one of the most popular keywords in your niche). So, the competition becomes stronger and stronger from day to day. You acquired 1000 backlinks, your competitor – 1100. You 1200, he – 1300, and so on. So, you’ll have to spend more and more, and so your profit from it will become less and less. From the other side, a very little number of people know that it is more profitable to target long tail keywords, and so, very little number of companies struggle for long tail keywords. Plus there is a very small number of short keywords in any niche and tens and even hundreds more long tail keywords in each niche. So even if someone else also targets long tail keywords, there is a very low probability that he’ll be targeting the same keywords as you. So once you acquired 5 backlinks for your long tail keyword and reached #1 on Google, you may stay there for years before someone else outranks you. That’s why it is much more expensive to compete for short keywords and much more profitable – for long tail ones.
  2. Because of the strong competition, you can lose your position for the short keyword at any time! If you lose your position for just that one keyword, you’re in a risk to lose your entire business since you invested a lot of funds in it. From the other side, if you’re #1 on Google for 200 long tail keywords and someone even outranks you for several of them, this won’t influence your business much or even at all.
  3. It is less risky to target many long tail keywords and is easier to get high rankings on Google for them also because it looks more natural for Google when your backlinks all have different anchor texts and different keywords. And the more natural your backlink profile and your link building campaign looks to Google, the easier it will be for you to get high rankings. And less risky.
  4. For your link building campaign to look natural for Google, it is important to use various anchor texts, which help to improve rankings for different keywords of your website. Also when you help to improve rankings for low competitive terms, you increase rankings for competitive keywords gradually, which looks more natural for Google and avoids risks of being penalised.
  5. Additionally, long tail keywords have much higher the conversion rate because they are more specific!

In the next Post, we’ll share another secret and very strong weapon with you that you can use against your competitors to outrank them and win the business!

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