Do Backlinks Still Work?- Your Strategy for Perfect Backlinks

Do Backlinks still work – A usual question every SEO beginner will be having!

There is a common misconception that link building is dead. In fact, this is far from the truth. The latest update of Google Penguin Algorithm really has changed the game for link builders worldwide. But here’s the thing – Google, as well as other search engines, still rank websites according to the number and quality of referring domains. Here we will explain why backlinks still matter to your website promotion.

Backlinks can boost your organic traffic in the long run

One of the most powerful things that contribute to higher search engines rankings is the quality backlinks. Among more than 200 Google’s Ranking Factors, backlinks hold a prominent place. The point is that you need to take care of their natural growth and quality.Backlinks can increase referral traffic in the short run. Yes backlinks still work.

When building a website, it is necessary not to overlook the significance of backlinks. When it comes to increasing traffic to your website, receiving links from other websites becomes of paramount importance. By building more backlinks you increase referral traffic.

Backlinks can multiply your conversion rate

If your backlinks come from relevant resources, be sure that it will bring you more customers who will be eager to know more about your company and its services. As a result, your conversion rate will rise and push up your sales. Here is one more proof that it works!

do backlinks still work


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