Google Adwords Certification – Questions & Answers

1. Suppose you are advertising diving equipment all over Russia, but in Sochi you have the highest level of sales. How to optimize your campaign and evaluate the results of optimization?

• Add the keyword “Sochi” for all ad groups so that your ads are not shown on other search terms.
• Create a separate campaign targeting only Sochi, check its effectiveness and change the budget accordingly.
• Customize the scheduling of the display so that your ads appear only during business hours of the region.
• Delete all keywords with low efficiency and start over again, creating a new set of keywords and campaigns with geotargeting to show ads only to Sochi residents.


2. What is the best way to spend the budget so that the Adwords system distributes ads evenly throughout the day?
• Uniform
• Optimized
• Scheduled show
• Accelerated


3. The advertiser creates an ad group to serve on all relevant content sites on the Display Network. If you add keywords and placements in “targeting and bidding” mode, …
• They will determine the target ROI for the ad group
• They will affect the time of day in which ads can appear
• Ads will appear only on the specified sites, and only on those pages, the topic of which corresponds to the keywords.
• They will affect search results and CPCs on the Display Network.


4. Select the most accurate definition of “Enhanced CPC”.
• The cost-per-conversion (CPC) optimizer is used to specify individual bids in ad groups with which the Conversion Optimizer is used.
• The cost-optimizer determines the size of the discount for the maximum CPC that the actual cost-per-click (CPC) is dependent on.
• Enhanced CPC is a tool that automatically raises bids in ad auctions where conversion is likely.
• The cost-per-conversion (CPA) optimizer helps an advertiser using ad extensions to improve their Quality Score.


5. On the “Optimization” tab in your Adwords account, you can:
• View suggestions for optimizing keywords, bids, and budgets, helping to increase and fictitious campaigns.
• Create and measure campaigns, ads, keywords, and campaign settings.
• View summary statistics on campaign fictitiousness
• Use reporting tools to help manage the daily budget


6. What characters, words and phrases should not be contained in ad text according to Adwords rules?
• All answers are correct
• Text that does not directly relate to the keywords that are used to target the ad.
• Calls to action are too general (for example, “click here” and “check this site”).
• Exclamation and question marks.

7. Which of the following most accurately describes the way ads are rotated in the “Optimization” settings in Adwords?
• The method of interleaving “Optimization” ads allows you to show ads more often, which increases the number of impressions.
• The method of rotation of the ads “Optimization” allows you to show the most effective ads more often.
• The “Optimization” ad rotation method allows you to display the most relevant URLs in each ad.
• The “Optimization” ad rotation method allows you to display two ads from the same group on the website page at the same time.

8. What does the campaign status in Adwords “Planned” mean?
• The campaign is inactive, but will be launched in the future.
• The campaign is inactive, because the funds in the prepaid account are fully spent.
• The campaign is active, but ads are shown sporadically due to insufficient budget.
• The campaign is inactive, because its end date has passed.

9. How does adding a placement to an ad group affect the Quality Score?
• Improves the Quality Score in the search network.
• Does not affect the Quality Score in the search network.
• Improves Google’s Quality Score.
• The quality index in the search network deteriorates.

10. What should the user remember when changing the password used to sign in to the Adwords account?
• The new password will also be used to access his accounts in other Google products.
• To access your account from any location, the user will need to enable 2-step verification.
• The new password will be used in Adwords, and in other Google products – the old one.
• The password will also need to be changed in his accounts by other Google products.

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