Great sites that you can visit every time when you are free!

Want to find some new corner of the Internet to help you find the excitement? Okay, you’re lucky. Whether you’re looking for silly games or something useful, here are 21 cool sites you should visit.

1. TED

With over 1900 exciting and inspirational talks, you will definitely find something you like.

2. Difference Between

Want to learn the difference between anything? Example between API and Web Service .

3. The Geocities-izer

Turn any website into a page with the ugly interface like the 90s.


4. Wikipedia Random

Fall into the rabbit hole and explore random topics on Wikipedia.

5. Whizzpast

The best place on the Internet to learn about great things in history.

6. Find the Invisible Cow

Make sure you open the speaker (but do not be too loud).

7. Sporcle

Solve thousands of puzzles or create your own.

8. Zooniverse

Become part of real science projects (such as discovering the surface of the moon) by taking part in online research.

9. Lang-8

Write in a language you are learning and native speakers will correct your errors.

10. Silk

Create artwork with your mouse.

11. Letters of Note

An amazing collection of compelling letters, postcards, telegrams and notes in the past.

12. Khan Academy

If you’re looking to learn more, Khan Academy offers hundreds of free education courses for you.

13. GeoGuessr

Guess where photos taken by Google Streetview are in anywhere in the world.



14. Feel Good Wardrobe

The page provides tips for buying clothes.

15. I Need a Prompt

Like You Write Write, but for artists.

16. Omegle

Feeling like talking to someone? Omegle helps you talk (via text or video) to a stranger.

17. My Script Font

Create a font based on your own handwriting.

18. Live Plasma

Live Plasma is a musical discovery machine. Just tap on an artist you like and it will show the same artist.

19. Hippo Paint

A perfect coloring book for both kids and adults – just tap on something you like to paint and it will give you the picture.


20. Akinator

A real witch.

21. Congregation

Thousands of free online games, from big names to private ones.

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