Things to Keep in mind when you start Learning Programming

1. Learn by doing

The only way to progress in programming is to actually start writing programs.

2. Programming is not the same as learning to do the test

Remembering everything is not important.

3. Fraud is completely acceptable

I use Google to solve most problems, just like every other programmer.

4. Putting problems together without checking is a bad strategy

I’ve made changes in my lines of code and expect them to work. The problem with this approach is that it overlaps one issue on another, and it’s hard to find out what has happened.

5. Self-study is a really difficult job

Talking about code and collaborating with fellow developers is a better way to learn for most people.

6. Give up your emotions

You will see the error message on the journey become a programmer. As it becomes an indispensable part of programming, you need to accept mistakes to progress.

7. You do not need 5 screens

Contrary to what you see on Hollywood movies, you do not need to install multiple monitors to be a programmer. The computer you own is probably good enough to use and start programming. Do not waste your money!

8. There is a HUGE  difference between a capital letter and a lowercase letter

It takes some time getting used to recognizing the small difference between the identical icons and can be quite frustrating until you get used to it.

9. Trying to understand everything is a cause of failure

When I first started, I tried to answer the “why” question for every problem I encountered. This is not necessary. Computers are complex and there is so much to learn and you will never understand everything. That’s fine.

10. Program in pairs as much as possible

There is no faster way to learn how to code.

11. Changing bad code is part of the process

I used to think that every piece of code I write should be perfect. But improving your code is normal. You do not write a book without calibration before it is published.

12. There is a right way to ask for help

Everyone needs to ask for help at some point. And when you need help, make sure you do the following:

  • Explain in detail what you see.
  • Explain exactly what you think it will happen.
  • Explain exactly what is going on.
  • Explain why you think it should work differently.

As you go through this process, you will often find a solution without even asking for help from someone else. This helps you think about the issues in a comprehensive way.

13. You do not have to be a mathematical genius

If you are not a “mathematician”, that does not mean you can not become a programmer.

14. Always celebrate small successes

Building stuff with code is really great. I could never get to the present if I did not step back and admire the wonderful things that I created on my journey.

15. Meetings, chat is very valuable

At first, it was scary for myself to feel comfortable attending meetings. But once I do that, I realize that there are many other developers like me.

16. Avoid merge conflicts to make you happier

The merge conflicts are quite annoying. (The following passage reads so I do not translate)

17. Recognize what you do not know is okay

When you start your first programming job, you may tend to “pretend to know until you do it”. Right! Nobody expects you to know everything right away.

18. It does not take up to 10,000 hours to be good enough to get a job

In fact, you need to be good at repairing yourself and back on the track when problems arise. This takes less than 10,000 hours.

19. You will wake up in the morning and think about the code

And when that happens, it’s really cool.

20. Making big mistakes is normal

I made a mistake that cost my company $ 10,000. Thanks to that, I learned the most important lesson in my programming career.

21. An algorithm is like finding a name in the directory

Algorithms are a step-by-step approach where there is exactly one more step. An easier way to think about this is to strategy you need to do to find a specific name in the directory.

22. You will never feel you are ready to program full time

Imposter Syndrome is real. Try to remember that not knowing everything is normal. The most important thing is to understand that you can find things you do not know.

23. Programmers never stop learning

New technologies emerge all the time, so successful programmers are the ones who continue to learn and develop their careers.

24. Make the computer think like a human being

Too many people have the impression that you need to think like a computer. Actually the opposite.

25. Programming is the right use of tools for the job

There are many different open source libraries, tools and frameworks available to you. So, you need to develop your programming toolkit and understand what tools are needed for every problem you encounter.

26. People often give up just before the change is imminent

Learning code (especially to the extent that you can switch jobs) is a lot to do. It takes time and lots of discipline, but it’s possible. Too many people make the mistake of doing nearly enough to get what they want.

27. Learning code is not easy

But that’s why it’s worth learning.

After this, I’m really happy that I was too naive to start. Little knowledge then gave me the impetus to think seriously about everything that I learned later.

Now I take the time to help other people achieve the goals they desire through code. What could be better?

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