Chrome security extensions that one should use

In this article, I will list the extensions that enhance the security of the Chrome browser you are using and recommend .

UBlock Origin

With more than 7 million users worldwide, are rated 5/5 stars on Chrome Store and has better performance than other popular an extension is AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin is one of the extension Security striking out present.

UBlock Origin is not just an ad blocker, it also blocks trackers and malware.

You can also install a version for the Firefox browser .


This is an extension that I always installed immediately after uBlock when the new Chrome installed on the machine. Ghostery focuses on blocking trackers that keep you from being tracked on web pages. It also blocks ads, but the coverage is not as great as uBlock should use the ublock plugin plus is your choice.


The intuitive UI allows the user to easily turn off / enable the components it is blocking on the site.

You can also install Ghostery for Firefox .

Protect My Choices

My Choice Protection is an extension for users who do not want to participate in interest-based advertising, and helps ensure that their opt-out is protected.

Netcraft Extension


This extension helps protect you from phishing scams and sticky Reflected XSS pages . I know this extension thanks to the read in Note of introduction Yuyao (conmale).

Password Alert

If you enter your Gmail or Google for Work password anywhere that is not, you will receive a warning so you can change your password if needed.

Password Alert also tries to detect a fake Google login page to alert you before you enter your password. To do so, Password Alert checks the HTML of each page you visit to see if the page is impersonating a Google login page.

This extension was developed and provided by Google itself, so you can trust and use it.

J2TeaM Security

And finally, of course, you can not mention your own extension.

J2TeaM Security is a security extension focused on phishing attacks targeting Facebook users. In addition to protection, this extension also provides you with many other Facebook related gadgets.

You can read detailed demos or reviews by users on the Chrome Store.

Do you know any good security extensions and would recommend to everyone? Leave a comment below!

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